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City Lights by Okarien
City Lights
This lovely heavy paper was on sale at my work last week. Felt like doing a full piece, so I cut it.

Okarien Full piece with a little thug Dingo.

Full photo quality is kinda bad, which is why I added close ups.

my new phone comes this week
Updated Collabs by Okarien
Updated Collabs
Here are 2 updated collabs that I started/added onto back in 2014.
I don't have these anymore, so I didn't take the picture haha

Hm, wonder where they're gonna go to next?

Collabs with Revoe and QBear
Spray stuff by Okarien
Spray stuff
Here's some actual spray stuff I've done a while back. Practicing mainly.

Now remember, I write Okarien legally. There's a lot of various reasons why I chose this, so I hope everyone understands. It's not like I "Don't support illegal graffiti"
"Too chicken" to do it, well, actually that's kind of one of the reasons.
The consequences of doing it illegally could potentially fuck up my plans for the future, so. I wasn't chancing anything.

Not to mention I'm enjoying it a lot more when I can just freely do it around people.
So I hope one day in the future, I can live in a place that has, legal areas/chill spots, or at least an area where I can build my own or something.
Because the town I live in has shit all of graffiti, legal or illegal.

Anyways, until then, I've been just having fun with some boards in my backyard.

The top 2 of Breadbox and Dumb dingo, were the first attempts at characters with spray cans. I've done letters a few times so, characters were a bit rough. There are some errors on both, but they didn't turn out as bad as I thought. They were also done back around the middle to end of 2014, so it's almost been 2 years since then.

The "OK" letters were done early September of 2015, so not too long ago. But I hope to paint a lot more this Summer, as I really didn't get to last Summer.

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Happy bday!
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JStarz1 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014
Nice.Where do live where graffiti is legal cuz I dont no anywhere where I live.
Okarien Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I live in Canada. It's Illegal here like most places. I mainly do a lot of legal work, since I don't want to fuck up any chances of my Comic illustration career in the future.
JStarz1 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014
I want to find a legal spot one day and just let all hell break loose.
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amazing work!
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favorite artist as of late
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AYE, just made a deviant art glad to see your on her too!
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Rad work, Sam! Keep it up.  :)
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